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now. good evening. parts of our area are under a now. i gh let's get to topper shutt in the weather center for the outlook. what a mess out there. >> it is a mess. mostly heavy rain is setting up south and f east ous. we are looking at the watch l ti 2:00una.m. 2: co anthe immediatloudoun , lou baltime x,or disfaican up tot, to frede . aok ahat said, let's t lo live doppler 9000. moof e thofactivity is o tupe ea of us here, eslypealci alon s east 5. 9of tof 95. so this is where thhee acav actytyviti has been the lastvi rauple of s.urho ll s.fain ra ba herecknothing is llg infi in. . wsne . ws at whabout ga i ll tell you what, we will zoom in teanlooking at tyssviroac activity across e , ouare nd area, around de is good besneit is it k inrefo think before the methgagigabebes
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heinec f tasort e game but not the deluge had earlier. the flood watch until 2:00 a.m. showers and storms will be tapering off. come back and talk more about danny. back to you. >> thank you. a private memorial service is set to begin in an hour in honor of senator ted kennedy. family and friends including john kerry filed past kennedy's casket as he lay in repose in boston today. senator kennedy's funeral mass will be tomorrow morning in boston. his body will be flown to andrews air force base so he can be buried at arlington national cemetery. his gravesite at arlington is in some ways chosen by the martyred president kennedy. he stopped at the site and remarked it was so beautiful he could spend the rest of his life there. senator kennedy will be laid to rest 200 feet away.
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>> my mother wrote senator kennedy a letter and made sure wehood had the medical care needed. in my family he's a huge icon, he's a hero. >> reporter: senator kennedy's funeral procession will stop by the senate steps for a brief prayer before it travels down constitution avenue and up to arlington. the motorcade route is open to the public, but we are waiting for details on how it will get from andrews air force base to the capitol. we know the motorcade is the capitol at 4:30 p.m. and you can watch coverage of tomorrow's funeral here on channel 9. it all begins at 10:00 a.m. right here on wusa 9 and >> another prominent american journalist has been injured while covering the war in afghanistan. tammy mccormack was traveling with an army unit when the vehicle was hit by an explosive
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device. audrey barnes has more. tragic, season it. >> it is tragic. we were all stunned a couple of years ago when kimly dozer was critically injured by a bomb blast in baghdad that killed two people she was traveling with and now it has happened again. th co time a mccorm k,porra est correspondent for cbnds rao is fighting for her life. she was in afghanistan to cover the escalation of violence there. august is the deadliest monday of the eight-year war for u.s. ki cesedll in .sbeen afghanistan thisaf ga omfrt hawas hit ves e cls hit b an ied earlier today. she was originally treated at aa e iorgery to stablize n. s thendo ioithan. doctors then had her air n.air additionsenew innew york but has had numerous tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. fayoe may not recognize her
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ce, you most ceairtnly cehave heard r henle.icvo she has icbeen athe ntce erof stories for years. she was in ground zero on september 11th and in new orleans for hurricane katrina and in the gulf when the war in iraq started. u.s. officials had been warning that violence was lakely to increase with the troop surge in afghanistan. 21,000 new troops have been pouring in there this summer as part of president obama's effort to contain the taliban and increase security before last week's presidential elections there. we do not know if cami mccormick was traveling with a u.s. service member who died in a bomb blast in afghanistan this morning. >> thank you for that report. an update for you on the schedule problems for prince georges county schools. today the number of students still without a schedule of classes stands at just under 1300. that's down from 8,000 at the start of the week. but the situation still is not
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resolved. >> right now we're at 1,273 students who are -- we're still working around the clock to get those schedules done. >> reporter: nine of the counties 22 high schools are back to normal tonight. bowie, duval and park hill high schools are the hard itself hit by those problems. people in a dozen states are taking their chances to win $333 million tonight. the megamillions jackpot is five hours away and we sent lindsey mast disease is to bethesda where people are buying up those tickets. >> of course those tickets are being sold in maryland and virginia. and people here along river road are stopping here to get their tickets for a chance to win millions. >> in the last 54 years i have been working here, this is the largest jackpot we have seen. >> reporter: peter frank says people have been coming in all day.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: some even skipped out on work to come here. >> this is my daily spot. >> reporter: michael kelly and his friend willy cyrus come here several times a week and buy tickets together. >> see them every day. i give him half and i will spend the rest of it all. >> reporter: willy says if he wins he will buy everything in sight. >> and michael says he will pay his bills. >> make sure my children are set up. >> reporter: he says he almost never plays the lotto but today he spent the only dollar he had in his wallet on a ticket. he is hoping it will bring good luck. >> some of the money could be spent on schools. >> reporter: according to the lotto, if no one wins the jackpot tonight it would increase to 43 a million dollars. they say that would be the world's largest jackpot.
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live in bethesda, lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> oh, let the frenzy begin. thank you. you can see tonight's drawing during 9 news now at 11:00. still to come, a hot problem with an appliance designed to keep your food cool. plus, we are gearing up for the redskins game. hi, sara. >> the rains are coming down and it is getting windy but the good news the tarp is off the field. players are out on it. we will preview the game coming up in a bit. cb
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they will not be judge by the color of their skin but the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> reporter: today marks 46 years since an estimated quarter million people gather on the national mall to hear
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dr. martin luther king speak at the lincoln memorial. advocating rational harmony and freedom. a ceremony was held at the lincoln memorial this week. 54 years ago today that 14- year-old emmitt hill was murdered by a lynch mob in mississippi. now his casket is on its way to the smithsonian. his brutalized remains were displayed in the casket sparking a public outcry that helped to rally the civil rights movement. the announcement follows the discovery. at a cemetery they are charged with digging up corpses and reselling burial plots. in tonight's living smart focus, it looks like the maytag repairman will be busier these days. the company is recalling 46,000 maytag magic chef and performa refrigerators because they are
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a fire hazard. the models have been found to ovduate duelectr icalelectrica from september of 2000 to may of 2004. customers are being asked to call isth number 866-533-9817 to schedule an appointment appointment for in-home repair. we have more on the recall on our website at and click on living smart. a small hero is hoping to make a big impact ♪ [ music ] ♪ her story is next on 9 news now but first here's harry smith with a preview of the cbs evening news. >> four years after hurricane katrina children are struggling. we'll show you how they are trying to pick the pieces. tonighthe pieces. tonight on the cbs evening news. . i never thought it could happen to me...
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a talented girl in sterling, virginia is using her voice for good. her youtube video was posted earlier this month and now the video and her cause have taken a life of her own. reaching across the globe as 12- year-old abby miller tries to make a difference ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: abby miller can't remember when she startedded to sing. >> i just never really never sang. >> reporter: now this middle schooler is using her voice to reach out to a little girl who doesn't remember a time when she wasn't sick. abby, a cross between miley cyrus and goodwill embassy she has dedicated avilla seen's song, keep holding on to taylor from washington. >> the 12-year-old's youtube video has received 14,000 hits after posted earlier this month
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and nearly 2 million have viewed her music videos combined. taylor is fighting a debilitating disease called neuroblastoma, a cancer that attacks the nervous system. little taylor has spent half of her life in the hospital and the focus of many news stories but since the two have teamed up on youtube they have gone global. >> abby and taylor together have brought neuroblastoma to the world. >> reporter: the two first met at a fund-raiser for taylor a year ago and since then they shared a special bond. >> i think it is more like a little sister. >> thank you. >> like a little sister relationship. >> reporter: abby made it her mission to do good and mom makes sure she is grounded. >> you have to give back. you have to use it for good things. >> reporter: taylor is a happy, smiling little girl with a lot of energy. many view the tiny teen as a powerful force that can spread the message of this horrible
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disease. so abby and other children, who suffer, can live despite their tomorrows. >> donate money for research, that's what we ask. give us another day ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> thank you for watching. >> there's no sign of the cancer rite now, but there is a high rate of this rare cancer coming back. while the youtube video has received international attention, here at home it is making a difference. you can help by logging on to just click on tay hero central and while you are there let us know if you know a hero or need a hero. send us your ideas at right now nasa is fueling up the space shuttle discovery in hopes it can launch tonight. liftoff from the pad at cape canaveral is scheduled for
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11:59 p.m. the latest trip to the international space station has been delayed twice now. this week due to bad weather and a fuel valve problem. if the mission doesn't launch by sunday, it will be pushed back to mid october. california governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency at three huge wildfires burn in the southern part of the state. residents of 1500 homes have been evacuated near this one near the seaside community rancho palos verdis. firefighters are urging residents to evacuate 500 homes near one of those. no evacuations are being ordered right now because of tropical storm danny, but residents along the east coast of the u.s. are keeping an eye on the storm. now, look at the surf along wrightsville beach in north carolina. a tropical storm watch is in affect right now for the carolina coast. the swells from the storms are expected to produce dangerous surf and rip currents. tomorrow, marks the first
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four years since hurricane katrina hit the mississippi and louisiana coast. the storm surge caused catastrophic damage and towns like mobile, biloxi and new orleans. 80% of new orleans flooded during katrina. the storm left 1800 people dead and caused more than $80 billion in damage. talking about danny right now. people are heading toward the beach, some folks are. >> they are trying to extend our summer and in our area rip currents. they are bad. for southern new england, we talked about this earlier. don't get hung up on whether it is named or not it will produce gusty winds. there we go. the next three days. shower and thunderstorms scattered about tomorrow. not a washout. warmer and 85 leftover shower on sunday and 84. now it appears the frontal system will stall out south of us on monday.
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that's why we have rain and showers in the forecast on monday with highs in the low 80s. here's danny. and again, we will stay tropical for a while but as it accelerates away at the coast it will produce a good wind. 40 to 50-mile an hour winds in southern new england and rain is a big factor there. two to five inches are possible tomorrow from southeast mass and parts of the cape. now if it goes past hatteras again, there is a tropical storm watch which makes sense. again for us, rip currents, bad rip currents. tonight flood watch until 2:00. although this maybe shaved down a bit. we will keep you posted. shower and thunderstorms tapering off. we will look at the radar and by far and away the heaviest activity has been south of town. we are talking about heavy rain. one to two inches an hour. nothing severe but heavy rains across mump of the calvert, saint mary's county and portions of char les county. now, let's go to live doppler
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9000. i want to pinpoint some of the activity around the stadium. most of the activity, heavy . 95vity is east of that's good and there's not . stng ba. bato the we that's also good because otherwise we'd have a wet game. we will zoom in a little bit and show you some showers, showers are there across much of fedex. the good news is once the band rolls through it might be the game. next hour the showers will pull out and that would be good timing in terms of the game. go back to the computer and talk about tomorrow morning. partly sunny, mild, shower or thunderstorm possible. but not that bad. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. winds from the south at ten. by afternoon, partly sunny and warm. scattered shower and storm thunderstorms not a washout. high of 85. more sun tomorrow and winds from the southwest at ten. next seven days, 85 tomorrow, scattered storms. a shower is possible on sunday, but not a bad day at all.
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and then the front gets hung up. so rain and showers, really just rain and showers, not so much thunderstorms. kind of a cool day on monday and tuesday. low 70s. leftover shower on wednesday. we are talking about mid 70s and sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s on thursday and friday. so, again, danny for us, rip current, not a washout weekend. and pretty cool start to the workweek. >> thank you, danny, right. >> and the rain is causing some issues and tricky situations on the heels. >> thanks to danny. i thought you were talking about the game. >> you wanted a larger sample from the starters tonight you are going to get it. half and three quarter from campbell and moss in the first team brethren arriving a the stadium a while ago. we will have a preview of the game. nine sports is coming up. .
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with about 90 minutes until kickoff the operative word is sloppy. that's the field conditions and the state of the redskins starting offense for the first two game those preseason. the coaching staff and fans are desperate for execution tonight. sara walsh is live at fedex field as we speak. sara, the end zone is behind you. you want to show the boys where it is. they haven't been there much. >> the question is whether they can find it ott or not. despite the weather conditions which you can see are rapidly
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deteriorating the stars will play at least half and is that enough time to get them in to the end zone. on then other side of the ball the defense is trying to avoid the wrath of the man they call the defensive coordinator greg baltimore. there are enormous expectations on this defense. they were not thrilled against their work who easily moved the ball on 3rddown. the redskins are not lacking for star power but they need to see this unit run deeper than the big names. >> personally i'd rather have guy tass work together. go back to ben hur. i think that was classic. to hold it all together. if you have four horses running everywhere you don't have a chance and every football team needs some guys to be that settling factor. >> reporter: meanwhile it is a patriots quarterback that should receive a warm welcome here tonight. that's because sean springs, silver spring native is coming home and playing against the team he spent the last five
6:27 pm
seasons suiting up for. >> it won't be no different. just another team and another uniform. i don't know if he will play. being how he is in preseason. he doesn't want to play. >> ing in nothing like, i'm just eager to go against him. football is football to me. whoever is out there. >> while all eyes will be on jason campbell. folks will be picking apart the play of tom brady the two time super bowl mvp coming back from knee end surgery last year. expect new england to come out firing. bret, kickoff at 8:00. we hope it will be better than it is right now. we are live at fedex field. we send it back to you in that warm, dry studio. >> don't be jealous and second of all, i don't know if you can hear it but when they showed closeups of tom brady sur ray
6:28 pm
made an audible sigh and i imagine many fans will also. join us for a preview including my sit down with coach zorn and sara's visit to haynesworth crash pad. you want to see that at 7:30 here on 9:00. scoreboard gate has been resolved for the moment. the commissioner ruling today that any punts that hit the $40 million video screen hanging over the screen will be doovers which means the nfl has a rule identical to your neighborhood stick ball game. i didn't know they would go that route. the nats open a series in st. louis tonight and it will be against futurer hall of famer john smoltz. the 42-year-old was cut as you'll recall by the red sox earlier this month after struggling in their rotation but the coaching staff in st. louis has fixed mechanical problems with smoltz and lights out ever since on sunday and five shutout innings and
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allowed three hits against the padres. harris will start in center for morgan who has lost for the season last night with that broken hand. finally tonight, sometimes the most dangerous guy on a field is your own teammate. this is from the nats and cubs last night. chicago's ryan will make the relay throw hem and watch him nail him in the melon. he should have ducked in all fairness and now he has a baseball-shaped welt. watch this again. >> he didn't duck. >> he ducked but as dick cheney's hunting partners will tell you he didn't duck enough. that's sports. we will see you on tailgate at 7:30. >> you are harsh. >> only when deserved. last look. >> most showers are south and east of us. redskins will be fine after an hour and then warmer over the weekend. >> in weather terms. >>

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